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5V 10w Ultraviolet Disinfection Box Multifunctional Wireless Fast Charging Sterilization Box With Aromatherapy Esterilizador


  • 5-minute sterilization: Press power button,the green light is on,hear “du”a sound,indicating that the disinfection mode is in process.
  • Safe sterilization: during sterilization,when the lid is opened,the sterilization lamp will be turned of to prevent slight from burning our eyes.When the lid is closed,the sterilization process is resumed.
  • Stop sterilization: After sterilization work for 5 minutes,the sterilization lamp will be automatically turned off,if stop sterilization in advance,keep pressing the power key about 3S until hear the sound of “Du” and the sterilization lamp is off.
  Q. Attentions (typical situations)

Please read the following contents carefully before using the product. Incorrect use or using incompatible equipment may damage your devices or the product.

  • ①This product has no power storage function, so it needs connect the power supply during the whole working process;
  • ②It is forbidden to expose your skin or eyes under ultraviolet rays, please keep it out of reach of children;
  • ③During the charging process, the wireless charging area cannot contain metal materials, such as iron plates, metal protective cases, etc
  • ④Do not use this product in high temperature / humid environment, keep away from fire / water source;
  • ⑤Please do not scratch the surface of the product with sharp objects; do not throw, shake, press forcibly or attempt to disassemble the product.

Input voltage: 5V / 2A 9V / 2A
Wireless output: 10W
UV output power: 2W
Aromatherapy function: 1W
Wireless charging conversion rate: 80%
Transmission distance: 2-6mm
Material: PC + ABS
External dimensions: 53*114*196mm(L*W*H)
Inner dimensions: 40*100*182mm(L*W*H)



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